RESERP's mission




1. THE SPANISH RENEWABLE ENERGY AND LANDSCAPE NETWORK is established with the primary aim of bringing together specialists who have shown concern for the correct integration of renewable energy facilities into landscapes. The goal is to try to raise research into renewables and the landscape to a position on a par with the international importance achieved in technological developments in the field of renewable energies.


2. Renewable energies represent a commitment to the environment and energy supply security. The future of energy production and the development of the sector as an economic activity cannot be understood without support for these systems which are already present in a large part of the Spanish territory.


3. The preservation, planning and management of landscapes is one of the main focuses of the European Union’s Spatial Development Strategy, the goal of which is to care for and improve the quality of landscapes in order to enhance natural and cultural heritage. RESERP declares its commitment to this strategy and the European Landscape Convention, a core document for the application of policies to guarantee their recognition and protection.


4. In accordance with these determinants, RESERP is created to generate critical knowledge on the repercussions that installing renewable energies has on the landscape and the land in Spain. The generation of this knowledge is founded on proposals for exploiting renewable sources for energy production based on the principles of sustainable landscape and land developments.


5. RESERP recognizes the variety and quality of Spanish landscapes and stresses the need to achieve an integrative understanding of the impact of renewable energy systems on the land in different regions and on different scales. Renewable energy implementation models should recognize this uniqueness and support an integrative and respectful understanding of their integration into specific areas.


6. RESEP declares its commitment to research into renewable energy technological developments from the perspective of improving their integration into the landscape as well as promoting combined renewable energy and classic energy production facilities.


7. Finally, RESERP undertakes to disseminate any and all advances and results that might redound in the knowledge of its goals and contribute to the correct understanding of renewable energies and landscapes. It also undertakes to take part in scientific forums devoted to these matters and work towards raising citizens’ awareness.


Red Española sobre Energías Renovables y Paisaje



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